Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspired Tuesday!

I can never be accused of this after a workout! I am always a red, sweaty mess, gasping for air!

Friday, May 24, 2013


One of my very good friends this week had a Sleeve Gastrectomy operation. She has had approximately 70% of her stomach removed. The weeks leading up to the surgery, she was on a very strict shakes diet. My first thought when I was told of the shakes (and not food for the last week before surgery) was that some weight must need to be lost for the surgery, for example to relieve some of the pressure off her heart.

Boy was I wrong! Not surprising being that I'm not a health professional!

The reason for the shakes is to reduce the size of the liver as the incision for the key-hole surgery is above the liver, the liver pushed aside and then the 'unwanted' stomach removed through this incision.

Wow! What modern medicine can do! My friend had her operation on Tuesday of this week and is going home today! She won't be able to eat solids for roughly 6-8 weeks and will permanently be on a special diet where one of the things that the doctor said was that there is not enough room in the stomach for both food and liquid so it is recommended not to have fluids half an hour before and after eating. And then there is the lifetime 'diet' rules! She has shown an amazing amount of will power and perseverance and is an inspiration to me!

I can't wait until she is back on her feet and feeling better than she ever has before!

Isn't it amazing what science can enable us to do!

Challenge underway

I dedicated a whole page to my weekly/daily challenges . . . but that doesn't mean I am good at completing them! I think my first challenge is to remember to do the challenges!

I thought a Friday update might remind me that this is under way:
  • 300 push ups in a week -- I am down 100 and have two hundred to go, and three days left of this week - totally do-able.
  • Water Challenge - I have increased my water intake dramatically and including herbal tea (caffeine free) I am drinking at least 3 litres a day! (I have on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday this week anyway).
  • Today's daily challenge is to walk/run 4.8km. We'll see how we go, it is raining cats and dogs and random areas around work are currently flooding, so the weather is not really motivating me!
That's it for now! I have to focus on walking and push ups!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Jelly Belly, where you at?

Today is . . . Weigh in Wednesday!?!

I am a little nervous to see the results today! I caught up with friends last night and there was some food that looked really good to my empty stomach - big mistake, I know, but unfortunately I had a meeting that didn't finish until 7pm and thought it would finish in time to have dinner first.

There was sweet potato chips, these pretzels dipped in chocolate, dipped in almonds, some sweet waffle like biscuits. . . the list goes on. And I may have indulged. May have? Lets be honest here, I was hungry and there was food. Enter food reaper!

This is the reason I was nervous stepping on to the scales. I sabotaged myself.

Before getting onto those scales, I thought I should question my actions, after all, there was no gun held to my head forcing my to eat.

What have I learnt from this experience? I must have dinner or make sure that I have a healthy snack that will sustain me. Also, it was a one off. As long as I don't do that every day, I should be okay. So, getting back on the band wagon, let's start with this whole weekly weigh-in thing.

I have surprised myself! It's not like my clothes are tight - they're definitely getting bigger, but I didn't expect a 0.9kg loss this week! Imagine what it would have been if I didn't get carried away last night? That's a total of 2.2kg lost so far this round.

That's a little bit of motivation to keep me going this week!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I survived, and I can still see you so I guess you're still with me Jelly Belly. But not for much longer at this rate! I worked out yesterday morning and Pump class last night burnt off 691 calories and then this mornings work out (Toning session) burnt off 300 calories and that's not counting all those other calories that that are getting eaten up right now!

I must be doing something because I haven't done Pump class in a couple of weeks and last night I upped the weights a tiny bit. Normally I would have been sore last night and even sorer this morning. But I'm not! I'm a little bit stiff, but I feel great! I say that now, we'll see how much stiffer and sorer I get through the rest of the day!

The program is so easy to follow. I am surprised how easy I am finding it! I mean that I am finding it easy to follow, that doesn't mean that the work outs are easy. It also doesn't mean that I am never hungry. They can be hard and sometimes I am hungry, but that's healthy. I'm not starving, nor am I ravenous. It is a manageable hunger and the more water I am drinking, the easier it is to manage!

Tomorrow is weigh in day! I'm a bit nervous about this - probably due to all that bread on Sunday ... mmm... freshly baked bread! I think after that thought I need to go for another workout, I seem to put on weight by only thinking about food!

Just a note on the challenges from yesterday!

Monday's daily challenge - Water; 2 litres drank. Aiming for 3 litres today!
Monday's MFP Challenge - 50 pushups - DONE!
12wbt - 300 pushups, 50 down 250 to go!

Inspired Tuesday!

Enough said today, no explanation required!

Monday, May 20, 2013


It's laughable. It really is!

Today I feel like I have regressed to high school, or even primary school!

I mentioned to my Mum this morning in a very brief phone call on my way from the gym to work that I had forgotten both my breakfast and my lunch, and how very annoyed with myself I was. Mum was placating and asked what I would do. I replied with something along the lines of; I'll buy a sandwich or something.

At lunch time, my Dad (who works close by) dropped some lunch off for me, courtesy of Mum! Wow! Totally unexpected, and made my day, if not my week!

So now I feel like I have regressed 20 years. Even though I have lived out of home since I was 18 (about 13 years ago) and for a good chunk of that I was not in Sydney, my parents made me feel like I was their baby girl today - and I will be eternally grateful. At least, today I am! Yay for lunch!!

Monday Challenged!!

The new challenge is out for the 12wbt! And I have a couple of challenges that I am doing separately or in conjunction with the 12wbt.

The Weekly Challenge is . . . 300 push-ups over the next week. That's an average of 50 push-ups a day. Even broken down to the daily average this doesn't sound that great! Alright . . . this is do-able. Breathe, relax. We'll have to start this one tonight Jelly Belly. There's no where at work that I want to get onto my hands and knees!

My daily challenge is . . . Water Consumption. Increase it! After being naughty yesterday, I know that I ma dehydrated. I didn't drink anywhere near enough water over the weekend! Also, it's cold today! F-ing cold actually! I know I don't drink alot of water when it's cold, because the filtered water at work is chilled!

Today's MFP challenge is . . . 50 pushups on my knuckles. I think it would be completely fair to incorporate this into the weekly challenge!

Alright! It's going to be a hard day! I hope that we do some push ups in Pump tonight to get rid of some of this weeks challenge!!

Week One Overview

It's Monday and I am off to a fabulous start this week, not!

I was up early (5.30am) and it was cold. So I thought, I have time. Just a few minutes of Candy Crush and I'll be on my way. And I was, at 6am. Grabbing breakfast and lunch out of the fridge. Checking on my laundry that was hanging in the lounge room (I live in a unit, can't hang anything outside and don't like useing the dryer, for a few reasons but mainly cost) and racing out the door to the gym.

Normally at 6am there is no traffic, but today . . . everyone was on their way with me and I took just over an hour to get to the gym where normally at that time of the morning it would take 45 minutes max. 

Oh well, I'll get what I can done this morning and will do the Pump class tonight to make up the calories that I don't burn this morning. No problem. Crisis averted. Almost halfway through the workout, I'm 279 calories lighter and I have to head for the showers if I want to make it to work on time. 

At work, I grab my bag, jacket and lunch . . . hmmm . . . my lunch is missing. I don't have a big car, in fact I have a tiny car. I look through the boot. Maybe my lunch (and breakfast) is under my gym bag? That's the only place it could be in my boot. Nope. Then I remember, I checked my laundry. Who knows why I checked my laundry - it's not like I was going to take it down this morning. Nevertheless, I put my packed breakfast and lunch down to check my laundry. And that's where it still is. On my kitchen bench :( At least I will have dinner there ready to heat up!

Oh well, this is just another challenge that I have to get past.

On that note, my summary for the first week of the 12wbt are below:

Yes, Sunday Calories are empty. That would be because, as I turned up for dinner at my folks place, mum was pulling a freshly baked loaf of bread out of the bread machine. OMG!?! How do you resist that smell on an empty stomach? So yes - I sabotaged myself. And it was a very yummy sabotage.

I have to push myself so hard at Pump tonight if I want to see you shrinking Jelly Belly!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Worship!

I worship my weekends! They are the time of the week that I can (sometimes) catch up on all the stuff that I needed to get done through the week and let slide for whatever reason.
They are also the time of the week where I find I need to be even more motivated than on 'school days'.

Through the week, I have a routine that needs to be followed. If it fails I am late for work or miss out on my daily exercise, or quality friend time - depending on how and when the routine failed. But I don't have a routine on the weekend, and I find it much harder to stay focussed. I have the attention span of a gold fish and am very easily distracted. Look something shiny . . .

Last Saturday I shopped and cooked for the week and this last week is the most organised I have ever been. All that nagging my Mum did when I was in school "pack your bag the night before" has finally, and proabably about 20 years on, come to fruition. It's Mum's voice that I hear in my head sometimes when packing my gym bag and writing myself a note not to forget to pick up my breakfast and lunch on the way out (mornings are not my best time - I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on!).

So I thought I would do it again, and I did, yesterday.

All the food shopping done. All the meals cooked, yesterday. All the meals separated into portion sized containers, today.

Now that I have finished cooking, separating into portion sizes and cleaning up all the mess, I'm looking forward to the week ahead! This is the second week in a row that I have been this organised - I hope I can sustain this because it is a most awesome feeling, one that I just can't describe!

Healthy Vegan Muffins (YUM!)
Portions ready to be frozen
Full freezer shelf!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I was a bit nervous of this, the workouts through the week had been fun, but they had definitely pushed me and after a week of getting up a 5.30am, racing to the gym and working out I was feeling completely wrung out. Towards the end of the week, as I became more tired and struggled more everyday to get up at some absurd hour when the sun isn't even up yet, I began to dred the SSS more and more.

I made arrangements to meet up with a group of people to work together on the SSS. This too made me nervous. I started doubting myself and my ability - what if they're heaps fitter than me? I don't want o slow anyone down!

Bugger it! I told myself, if I want to get fitter and make this 12wbt worthwhile, than I have to leave my comfort zone at some point. There's always someone that is going to be fitter, fast, and better, but if I don't get out there and give it a go, I'll never know.

So I went, an you know what? I had a ball. The people were great and the pace set was my own. No judgement, no criticism. And it was a great morning of exercise!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Fun

As the working week comes to a conclusion, I felt like reflecting on the last five days.

It has been an interesting five days, challenging and believe it or not, fun.

With all the weight loss programs that I have tried over the years, I have not 'learnt' anything new, rather I have learnt how to put that knowledge into practice. After five days of following the 12wbt, and it is only early days yet - I LOVE it!

Every day this week I have been organised (as much as I could be - stupid alarm!) and even when stuff cropped up, I still managed to fit in every workout and record every morsel of food that entered my mouth.

Today my shoulders are a little stiff, probably from all the plank like exercises in this morning's work out, yesterday I new I had worked some muscles as well, but this is more a feeling that gives me satisfaction rather than annoyance! Those muscles are sore because I have used them, worked them and hopefully made them hotter to burn through more of Jelly Belly!

This week has, so far, been a very big week, a full time job, a casual job and studying for uni has made juggling everything interesting and challenging and there are a few even bigger weeks immediately ahead, but I am feeling confident that I can sustain the levels required for this week.

Without being able to look forward on the exercise plans, I can only assume that the intensity will slowly increase, hopefully with the increase in intensity I have also increased in the required fitness to continue at the expected pace.

But hey! I am saying this before I have even attempted my first SSS!

Another exciting and motivating side effect to following the nutrition plan and exercise plan is that I am already starting to see results! When I wriggle my fingers I can see all the tendons and bones (I'm not a health professional, not sure on correct terminology) becoming more prominent, also there are muscles in my thighs becoming more prominent as well. And the unofficial weigh-in I did this morning shows a loss of 2kg so far! Finally results!!

See you later Jelly Belly!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


After yesterday and all the running around - anyone would think that I would learn, but no, my alarm didn't go off again today!

I am my own worst enemy! I checked and double checked the alarms on my phone last night, but clearly failed in my mission. I knew immediately upon waking that I had done it to myself, again. The good news was that it was 6.20am and not 7am again!

My internal dialogue was telling me to curl over and go back to sleep. But I thought about laying out my clothes and packing my gym bag last night at 10.30pm - what a waste of time if I didn't get up now. And, then I'll have to go to the gym tonight and there is a class in the stretching room so, who knows where I would have ended up doing my session. So it was easier to get up and race to the gym. My normal hour commute took 45 minutes which left me roughly 30 minutes to get through today's program. So I pushed myself, hard. And then I was almost sick! 26 minutes and 259 calories later I made my way to the showers. I hadn't quite finished the workout, but at least I made myself get up and go.

There are so many gadgets for fitness available, Michelle has Polar Heart Rate Monitors available for sale on her website. About two years ago I was given my heart rate monitor by my folks (thanks Mum!). It is to date one of the best gifts I have ever been given. Mine is a Suunto. I have various accessories that I use with it including the foot pod so I can see how far I have been and the pace that I am at.

About six months after getting it, the chest strap broke (turned out there was an internal fault) and we had it sent back under warranty. Those three weeks were the hardest workouts I have ever done. Once you have a heart rate monitor, I don't think there is any going back! Mine has an internal coach and pushes me to achieve different levels of fitness. If you're thinking who cares? I don't blame you, whatever brand you use, they will essentially tell you the same information. But today, for the first time since having my watch I reached level 6 in my activity class, so in Big Kev style, I'm Excited!! Yay for small goals achieved!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Do you remember the last time you slept through your alarm?

For me it was this morning. I either slept through it or turned it off without realising. Have you ever had that moment when you open your eyes as your stretching, thinking it's so toasty that it's going to be hard getting up? And then you open your eyes. My not quite awake brain just can't figure out why it's light at 5.20am, then it goes in the opposite direction. It must be 9am, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, I'm going to be late for work. I am late for work! Dammit, I missed my cardio session this morning, sh*t I have to weigh in this morning - it's Wednesday!

The cussing went on a while. Mornings are not the time of day when I have a large vocabulary - obviously! I raced around, unpacking my gym bag and putting on the clothes that I had in there, and repacking it with my gym clothes that I had laid out ready to go the previous evening. What else do I need? Breakfast! Lunch! And so the internal cussing continued as I raced to the kitchen to get my lunch and breakfast which I already had ready to go.

Once I got over my annoyance with myself for sleeping through my morning cardio session, all I could think was Thanks Michelle, I have all my food for this week ready to go! Thank you that I'm organised this week!! If it wasn't for her challenging us to make our selves organised, I would be food free today and very hungry.

As it was, I made it to work by 8am - barely. No thanks to the accident, police and ambulance all blocking a street off (I hope everyone was ok!).

I even remembered to weigh myself! I am excited to be a part of the 12wbt already, but jumping on the scales this morning was positive reinforcement for my decision. 1.4kg down in two days, and I haven't been going hungry or killing myself with exercise. Rather, I'm feeling great and looking forward to the exercise sessions. So, Jelly Belly, don't fret, I haven't skipped my cardio session, I have simply rescheduled it to tonight after work, brace yourself, the last one hurt!

On my must do list for tonight is to set, not one alarm, but multiple alarms. Can't miss my toning session tomorrow!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Much Inspiration?

The first weekly challenge has been released; Create an Inspiration Board.

As if I need another excuse to spend more time on pinterest!? My lead procrastination tool and one of the few 'social media' websites that have not been blocked at work, pinterest has been a tool I have utilised for a little while, when you had to apply for an invitation to be involved. The digital pin boards have come in handy for me, collecting and collating ideas and visions in one very easily accessible place. It is a tool that enables my degree in procrastination, for which I should have graduated from by now.

For this challenge, I have created a new board, Inspired! to represent my inspirational ideas that I come across in this digital world. You can check it out here, if you'd like: http://pinterest.com/krittter5/inspired/

Hopefully you'll look like this soon Jelly Belly!


Jelly Belly, we have survived the second work out now! I confess that I didn't think that I would be able to do any bench jumps as my program said - but I gave it a go and got some done. Whether I did them properly or not, I don't know. I was a bit concerned that I would somehow face plant and knock myself out! I do have knees that collapse with no prior warning. They are getting better, but . . .

Today on the Exercise Plan was my turn for my first toning session. And it was good! I pushed myself and did all the maximum weights as recommended. And I'm feeling good! I know that the exercise expectations will increase as time progresses, but for now I'm finding them challenging and fun! I'm not looking forward to my 5am start tomorrow, but I know that once I am up and going I will enjoy the workout!

Tomorrow is the first weigh in. I am looking forward to it, although it will not have been a full week from the preseason scales visit. I know that the scales, for me, are not the most accurate tool to tell me how my weight loss journey is going - the measurements tend to be more accurate, but I only took my first measurements last night, so I am going to have be patient before I see results, and see you shrinking JB!

I have just finished my Muffin for breakfast with my herbal tea, Stockholm Blend from The Tea Centre. Today's lunch will be Chicken Noodle Soup and dinner is Beef Stroganoff! All precooked and ready to heat up when it's time! Yay for being organised this week!! Back to work for me now ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Are you still here?

Dear Jelly Belly,

Have you shrunk yet? Am I too impatient? Today is only the first day of the program!

I shopped, cooked and portion sized my food for the week on Saturday. Being organised and not allowing excuses to derail you is very time consuming. That and I also made Salted Caramel Popcorn, for Mother's Day. What a day Saturday was. Now I am feeling empowered! Organised and ready to achieve.

And, I survived the first workout this morning!! I don't know what was worse; the 20 minute bike ride after the warm up, run, and rowing, or the 5 am start to take Dad to the airport. It's going to be a long day!

Am I being too ambitious in considering doing Pump class tonight at the gym? I don't know. We'll play it by ear and see if this scratchy sore throat gets any worse.

See less of you later Belly!

Oh, and yes, before  I forget, I have set aside tonight as measurement taking time!

Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm not going to miss you, Jelly Belly

Dear Jelly Belly,

Well, this is it my friend. We came to a fork in the road and a decision had to be made. You and I, we are going to go our separate ways. I know that it won't happen over night (the Special K ad started running through my head . . . but it will happen!), it won't be this month, but it is going to happen. So this is it, the last time that I am going to look at you and wonder how on Earth I am going to be able to get rid of you, because, you know what? I have found an answer. And yes, this is going to work. I am determined.

So this is my fork in the road, and that is yours. I am going to spend the next three months focusing on me. Eating healthy tasty food, working out hard and enjoying seeing you diminish. I don't mean to sound so harsh! But hey, you're the one that wouldn't budge on this, literally. So drastic action has had to be taken, and frankly I'm excited!

You are the evidence of the 10-15kg that I need to lose. I still want you to be there, but not as you are now. It is time to suck yourself in, firm yourself up and flatten yourself out. You and all my other jelly parts. Here we find ourselves on the Friday, before Round 2 of 12wbt starts for 2013. Although we have lost 7kg so far this year, we have a long way to go and some of the toughest days are to come.

I expect that the muscles that you are insulating will be very sore at times, and some mornings we are going to really struggle to get up. Suck it up, Jelly!

 So here we go, another roller-coaster adventure ride through life.

 See you later Jelly Belly!