Sunday, June 16, 2013

Super Saturday

 It was definitely a Super Saturday!

Yes! I completed the SSS! But, I did one of the online videos and my flatmate normally sleeps, like all day (I kid you not - he stays in his bed all day! I think I"m just jealous and would love to have a pajama day. Clearly there is no rest for the wicked) but clearly this Saturday was different. I stopped and started a few times, but eventually he headed off to the gym (maybe I am inspiring him - this is new) and I could finish SSS! 454 calories!

After finally completing the SSS, I pretty much got ready to head into town for work at the SFS. The Waratahs vs The British Irish Lions. Apparently the Tahs got slammed! Where I was, there wasn't really anything to see, unfortunately. I have also never been so cold or tired on a shift of work! F-ing Freezing is the understatement of the decade and I was wearing thermals!

I don't think I have ever been so pleased for a shift of work to finish! On a high note, I walked 16.1km today!

Only one more day of this crazy weekend left, a crazy week and then, hopefully, a quiet catch up weekend - unless more work comes up! At this stage I am really hoping it doesn't, 'cos I just can't say no to more work!

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