Tuesday, June 11, 2013

. . . is paved with good intentions!

If that is true about the road to hell, well then I am well on my way after this last week.

After working two jobs, one full time and one of an evening over the previous weekend and then at the State of Origin, I was TIRED! Exhausted and completely over the week. Throw in some study, a Hen's Party and preparing for the coming week flew out the window. I meant to get all my cooking done. I meant to have my clothes laid out for the gym and work, I meant to . . .

It's all well and good to mean to. I stuffed up. And everything went out the window - all because I was too tired.

Which brings me back to the excuses that Michelle got us to write down before the round started. So here I am again, going over my excuses, only this time I am updating and tweaking them because  I have another even crazier week ahead of me and no time to rest this weekend between farewell parties, working at the Union and birthday parties.
So, for the rest of this week:

  • I need to do a top up shop, which I am going to do on my lunch break today. Filleting a fish is not a skill that I want to perfect nor to I feel the need to ever do that again. But now I am short of flathead.
  • Wednesday (tomorrow) I have to have as much study done as possible - there won't be much time over the weekend, if there is any.
  • I have to have all my plans for next week (exercise and food) printed on Thursday - because I'm out of the office on Friday and won't have any time to think about it after Thursday night.
  • Thursday I have to have the following week's food prepped as much as I can, there won't be any time over the weekend. 
  • Friday - must not eat or drink beyond my calories at my best friend's farewell. Must also do an extra session of exercise today so I can have a cider or two.
  • Saturday - must do the SSS. I missed it last week, so I must do extra today.
  • Sunday - it might be 'rest' day today - but with all the fun this weekend, must do extra exercise, perhaps an extra SSS this week?
How's that for trying to prevent excuses? 
Oh, and the other thing I have to focus on this week - the weekly challenge. I have to try and get to bed early every night this week. I'll do my best, but I simply need another day in the week to get everything done!

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